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ironic Fathers Day gospel?

Father’s Day in New Zealand and Australia 2010 is Sunday, September 5.
The gospel reading read by most Christians this Sunday is Luke 14:25-33

Jesus said …Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple….

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Update September 6: My Maths degree has just kicked in: Father’s Day in NZ can fall on 7 dates, September 1-7. Four of those, September 4-7 would have Luke 14:25-33 as the Gospel reading if it is Year C. The chance of it being Year C is 1/3. Hence the chance of reading “…hate your father…” (Luke 14:25-33) on Father’s Day in New Zealand is 4/7 x 1/3 = 4/21 or 19% or about a fifth!

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One Response to ironic Fathers Day gospel?

  1. yes, it’s true what Jesus said but he did not not meant a real hate. otherwise he would contradict what God said in the ten commandments where it tells us to honour our father and mother. It is obvious he is saying to put God above all things including our devotion to our parents.
    There are verses in the bible which cannot be interpreted literally without violating common sense and the basic teachings of the bible. Jesus taught us to love and that we must do

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