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Our Father


Saint Ignatius Loyola (ca. October 23, 1491 – July 31, 1556) teaches a method of prayer in which one starts with the first word of the Lord’s Prayer, mulling over it, meditating on it, approaching it in the sense of lectio divina, resting in God’s presence with it, and then in time moving on to…Continue Reading

Part-time Priests?

Part-time Priest

People are, more and more, telling me about experiences with clergy who understand themselves as functioning as priests during a specified time period. There are clergy who keep office hours. They are present in their church office from the period X to Y, and essentially unreachable outside those times. There are some who go to…Continue Reading

Praying With Your Partner

praying partners

I recently read a thought-provoking article on “the most overlooked characteristic of who you want to marry”. Kevin Thompson wrote about “In sickness and in health”. Few people consider sickness and suffering when picking a mate. They consider how the other person might look in the morning or what bad habits they might have. They…Continue Reading

New Zealand Lectionary 2015

New Zealand Lectionary 2015

The New Zealand Lectionary booklet for 2015 has been for sale for a while and is available online now. You can download it from here (1.46 MB). A lot of the lectionary booklet is unchanged in its format from this year. As previously, a wide variety of options are provided, some authorised by our church,…Continue Reading

Old Catholics

Old Catholics

In an effort to strengthen unity among Christians, Pope Francis welcomed a delegation of the Bishops Conference of the Union of Utrecht, also known as ‘Old Catholics.’ The division between the two came about in 1870 during the First Vatican Council, when a group of bishops rejected the notion of papal infallibility. Today, there …Continue Reading

Transition In The Easter Vigil

Transition in the Easter Vigil

Transition in the Easter Vigil Becoming Christians Edited by Daniel P McCarthy OSB & James G Leachman OSB 389 pages Hardcover. This is Volume 2 of Liturgiam Aestimare: Appreciating The Liturgy available from www.theabbeyshop.com Let me start by saying that I am biased – I find anything that Dom Daniel and Dom James produce a…Continue Reading

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