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How Do You Celebrate Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday

Through people contacting me, asking for an explanation of the entry in our lectionary booklet for Palm Sunday, I am becoming aware that there are communities that celebrate Palm Sunday without reading the Passion story. These, hence, struggle to make sense of the lectionary entry which does not provide a set of readings that justContinue Reading

Option B2

blessing same sex couples

I am very hesitant to add to the IMO-excessive time and energy expended by my church debating about committed same-sex couples, but… {…especially with the meeting of our General Synod Te Hinota Whanui (GSTHW) only a month away, the need for reflection towards a decision is pressing…}… After years and years of meetings, hui, commissions,Continue Reading

Videos of Note

Videos of Note

A Wild Burst of Fresh and Spirit-Fuelled Imagination

A Wild Burst of Fresh and Spirit-Fuelled Imagination

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby made the first of his three priorities for his ministry The renewal of prayer and the Religious Life. On Friday the 28th of March, Justin Welby welcomed over a hundred members of a broad range of Anglican religious communities to Lambeth Palace to discuss the renewal of Religious Life withinContinue Reading

Committed Same-Sex Couples

holding hands

Committed same-sex couples will once again be a topic of conversation and debate at the meeting of General Synod Te Hinota Whanui (GSTHW) of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia May 10-15, Copthorne Hotel, Waitangi. Many await the making public of motions, bills, etc. in this internet age, but meanwhile Taonga hasContinue Reading



Spoilers. At the end of the Noah film the final frame had the usual disclaimer: persons and events represented are fictitious, any similarities to anyone living or deceased was unintentional. So this is a film about someone who just happened to have the same name as someone else who, in a famous story, went throughContinue Reading

The World is Round – Get used to it


Whenever I put up a date-dependent post I’m bound to get reactions. And some of them snarky. I get told that I’m not taking into account that this particular date hasn’t arrived yet in Britain, or USA, or wherever that person happens to be. The reaction is always there for a feast day, liturgical celebration,Continue Reading

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