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New Collects

Orans on Roman Mural

Regulars here will know of my love of the collect as type of prayer. And of the convoluted history of collects to go with the Revised Common Lectionary in the Anglican Church in NZ; and of my part, and the part of this website, in that history. In our church, six people have now beenContinue Reading

Websites of Note


Here are some websites of note. We would love you to add some websites in the comments that you think people here would appreciate – including your own. The Desert Retreat House I am delighted to have found the site, The Desert Retreat House, by Paul Kowalewski, by an Episcopal priest, particularly interested in theContinue Reading

Going to God


We all know the regular taunt, the catch-cry, to provide evidence for God. Let’s sidestep (the not-unimportant) what is meant by “God” in this taunt, and at least acknowledge that atheists can be prophets highlighting that the god they deny is regularly a caricature, an idol, and not the true God. But the taunt oftenContinue Reading

Keeping in Touch

Keep in Touch

There are different ways that people choose and use to keep in touch with this community. And thank you to all of you for the way we do form community in this digital worship and spirituality space. Over 7,000 people like the Liturgy facebook page. With sharing, posts there sometimes reach a quarter of aContinue Reading

There Is No Theme

There is no theme

I recently gave a talk to a group of clergy, and one approached me at the end to strongly thank me for pointing out that the Sunday lectionary normally does not have a “theme”. This priest spent a lot of time poring over the readings trying to find the “theme” of the readings. Our lectionaryContinue Reading

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