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End of the Anglican Church?

Empty Church

I have a Maths degree and I’m not afraid to use it. NZ’s Anglican Church does not collect statistics nationally. I will come back to a recent international study, but first want to pull from my shelves the diocesan statistics that I have for the 25 years being a member of synod as an ordained… Continue Reading

Christ the King

The Crown of Thorns by Matthias Stom

The Reign of Christ On Sunday 22 November, Roman Catholics and Anglicans/Episcopalians again share a common collect. I am working on producing a full set of shared collects for the church year. My work so far can be found here: Book of Prayers in Common. My rendering for this coming Sunday is: Let us pray… Continue Reading

Worship in a Violent World

A Nuremberg Rally

As we reflect on the atrocities in Beirut and Paris and elsewhere, James Alison’s talk on Worship in a Violent World is worth a careful read and reflection. I have a passion for apophatic spirituality, and so I was taken with his starting quote from the Fourth Lateran Council (1215): Between Creator and creature no… Continue Reading

Pray For Peace

Pray for World

Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth; lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust; lead me from hate to love, from war to peace. Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe. This is a prayer said daily by people of different world faiths, and it is shared… Continue Reading

War on Christmas

Greeting Flowchart

I have been very busy, so haven’t been able to investigate what the fuss is all about that streams past my social-media feeds: something about a red take-away coffee cup not having snowflakes, Santa’s sleigh, and elves and all the other things the Bible mentions at Christmas time… Being in the Southern-Hemisphere, where the majority… Continue Reading

The Abbot’s Shoes Seeking a Contemplative Life

The Abbot’s Shoes: Seeking a Contemplative Life by Peter Robertson (Kindle $2). This is Peter Robertson’s story, set in New Zealand. He joined the Cistercians in New Zealand at Kopua Monastery, in the early ’70s was when I first started going to the monastery (I am now a Cistercian Associate of Kopua). Vividly descriptive, it… Continue Reading

Videos of Note

Videos of Note

Videos of Note

The video (above) has already been seen by over a thousand people on facebook [I wrote that yesterday – it’s about three and a half thousand now – check yourself]. The parish has a facebook page. Does your church/parish have a quality website and facebook page? If not – why not?! Does your church/parish produce… Continue Reading

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