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Eastern Orthodox Easter

Eastern Orthodox Easter

This year Eastern Orthodox Easter Day falls on May 1. Western Easter Day was on March 27. Both East and West follow the Nicene calculation: The first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox. The Eastern Orthodox Church continues to follow the Julian calendar when calculating the date of Easter.… Continue Reading

Internet Hymn

Internet God

In preparing for the Eucharist celebrating 10 years online, I tweeted and facebooked seeking a hymn which acknowledges the Internet. The reactions mirror the discomfort that many Christians and many churches have with the Internet, certainly a lack of seeing it (in practice) as “good,” yet another God-given tool, and a place for mission and… Continue Reading

Architecture Affects My Soul

Christchurch Buildings

Above are two of the new central-city buildings going up in post-quake Christchurch – the city whose plan was that we be a “city in a garden”. Even if “soul” is a metaphor for you, I posit that our physical environment affects us. Steel, glass, tilt-slab, reinforced concrete, and the occasional planter box, with hardly… Continue Reading

Dinner Church

Dinner Church

In a recent post, where I argued against Christians organising their own Passover Seder, I also promised that I would blog about combining the Eucharist with a meal. This is that blog. I am indebted to the Rev’d Clare Barrie, vicar of the Anglican Parish of Saint Luke, Mount Albert (Auckland NZ). This information is… Continue Reading

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Angels He Qi

Let us pray (in silence) [that God will make us one in mind and heart] pause O God, you inspire the hearts of the faithful with a single longing, grant your people to love what you command and to desire what you promise, so that in all the changes and chances of this uncertain world,… Continue Reading

The Slow Christian

Slow Church

There are lots of wonderful “slow” movements: from slow food to slow sex. Now I fell over a an article about The Slow Professor, challenging what they call the “frantic pace” of contemporary university life. And it made me think about priesthood. Maybe I should write a book, The Slow Priest. Not wanting to be… Continue Reading

Too Many Words

Too Many Words

A friend recently sent me a link: Liturgy for a missional church. This linked blog post criticised the Church of England’s Common Worship for its “complexity and wordiness.” I empathise with the experience of too many words in liturgy. Particularly in Holy Week and the Triduum, when we are are essentially in one long service… Continue Reading

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