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Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton

Today is the feast of Thomas Merton who died 46 years ago. Next year, 31 January, it is 100 years since his birth. He is one of the most-influential spiritual writers of recent times. He was born in Prades, France, of a Kiwi father and American mother. His dad went to the school where I…Continue Reading

Advent 3 Collect

Christ Deesis Hagia Sophia

Let us pray (in silence) [that God’s coming casts light into our hearts] Incline your ear, O Lord,                        [or Incline your ear, O God,] to our pleading, and by the grace of your coming to us enlighten the darkness of our hearts, through Jesus…Continue Reading

Worst Nativity Sets

Nativity Set

Some years back I ran a post Worst Nativity sets (do click on that link). But seeing the image above (H/T Paz) meant I just had to make a new post. Here’s a couple more:   Do share images that you have or know of, either in the comments below, or on the Liturgy facebook…Continue Reading

Hallowed be your Name

Hallowed be God

Today, in this series on the Lord’s Prayer, we are looking at: Hallowed be your name. In the Bible ‘name’ is a synonym for ‘nature’. When you talk about God’s name (Hallowed be your name; may your name be held holy; The hallowing of your name echo through the universe!), the background of this idea…Continue Reading

Shhh! Don’t Spoil It For Atheists – Santa Isn’t Real!

Atheist Billboard

Anti-theists (also known as hatetheists) are at it again. This time it’s a billboard (image above) that assumes Santa is real but Christmas is just a fairy tale. The billboards are located in Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis, Fort Smith (Arkansas), and Milwaukee. Let me (once again) stress – I have excellent relationships with atheist and…Continue Reading

Videos of Note

Videos of Note

Portraits of monks from La Grande Chartreuse A short animation by Andreas Hykade that shows in a very simple way what (drug) addiction is like.Continue Reading

Advent 2 Collect

Advent 2

Let us pray (in silence) [that our way is prepared for God’s swift coming] Stir up your power, O Lord,                  [or Stir up your power, O God,] and with your great might come to our aid, so that where our sins impede us, the help of your…Continue Reading

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