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Restarting Blogging


It has been a very fruitful break from blogging. And I return to blogging with energy for mission and ministry on the web for quality liturgy and worship for healthy spirituality Please share with your friends and internet social circles that this site will be getting new material once again. Some of the focuses on… Continue Reading

Song of Songs: A contemplative guide

The Song of Songs: A Contemplative Guide [Paperback] Song of Songs: A contemplative guide [Kindle Edition] by Graeme Watson SPCK Publishing 156 pages I have mentioned, previously, meeting the author of this book, Rev. Graeme Watson, and his wife, Liz, and spending a delightful evening with them at the home of fellow blogger, Fr Ron… Continue Reading

Liturgy – Work for the People

The whole church

Popularly, people say (I’ve said it myself) that the word, “liturgy” (λειτουργία or λῃτουργία) derive from the Greek, “λαός” (Laos – people) and ἔργο (ergo – work) – so that liturgy, we say, means “work of the people”. But maybe liturgy is not “work of the people” but “work FOR the people”. Robert Hendrickson wrote… Continue Reading

The Prayer Book is Not Contemporary?

Notice Board

You may have seen it – I have seen it enough to become concerned: Church notice boards that describe services something like this 9:30am A Prayer Book Service 11am A Contemporary Service By “A Prayer Book Service” they don’t mean “1662” or “1928” (church noticeboards or advertisements that advertise with in-group language of “1662” or… Continue Reading

Immediate Baptism

immediate baptism

As many will know, there is a debate whether to encourage all at a service to receive communion or whether to hold to tradition that only those baptised are welcome at the table. [Let’s leave to one side, for the moment, limiting communion to those confirmed and/or those in one’s own denomination]. Some churches break… Continue Reading

Who is Leading?


A “liturgist” in NZ Anglicanism is not (as on the rest of the planet) a person who studies liturgy; here a “liturgist” is a lay leader in the “first part of the service”. Whatever I might think about this way of running a service, in practice this is deeply embedded in NZ Anglicanism. And, whatever… Continue Reading

Rev. Bosco Peters

Welcome to this ecumenical website of resources and reflections on liturgy, spirituality, and worship for individuals and communities. It is run by Rev. Bosco Peters.

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