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Jesus Mafa Foot Washing

The day before Good Friday is called Maundy Thursday. Maundy comes from the Latin word: mandatum. Mandatum means something that is commanded. We find it in an English word like “mandatory” – something that is required. It is called Maundy Thursday because on that day Jesus commanded three things: 1) to remember him in holyContinue Reading

Remember to Survive

Jesus Mafa Last Supper

My e-friend and commenter here, Rev. Joshua Bovis, has a blog post essentially on the value of liturgical repetition in a vibrant church life. He reproduces an article by Mark Brolly (in TMA) reflecting on a lecture at Ridley College by retired Bishop of North Sydney, Bishop Paul Barnett. The primary value of his …

Open Baptism?

Easter blessing of the font

Lent brings with it “Ashes to go”. Easter brings with it “Open Baptism”. The Episcopal Church of St. Mary-in-the-Highlands, Cold Spring, once again offers “Open Baptism” at their 7 p.m. Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 19. “I know this seems highly ‘unorthodox’ and perhaps even ‘gimmicky’ to some,” the Rector of St. Mary’s, Fr. ShaneContinue Reading

Christian Seders?

A Seder table-setting

Please pause a moment if you are embarking on a “Christian” Seder, a “Christian” Passover meal. Whenever one group is in the majority (especially whn in the vast majority), great caution needs to be exercised in relation to the minority in our midst. Mocking and scapegoating are integral to many majority reactions to differences withContinue Reading

Holy Week Resources

Holy Week

Here are some resources for Holy Week (and beyond). You can add further ideas and suggestions in the comments: Palm Sunday Service Outline Palm Sunday Collect Reflection Holy Week Collect Reflection Maundy Thursday Service Outline Good Friday Service Outline Easter Vigil Service Outline Easter Collect Reflection Easter Season Services Ideas Easter Season Reflection What hymns,Continue Reading

Washing Women’s Feet?

Pope washes women

Last year Pope Francis washed the feet of women as well as men in the usual Holy Week ceremony. The instructions for the rite call for “men who have been chosen”. Often recent Vatican translations into English will insist that “men” includes “women”, but in this case many of those same people are insisting thatContinue Reading

How Do You Celebrate Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday

Through people contacting me, asking for an explanation of the entry in our lectionary booklet for Palm Sunday, I am becoming aware that there are communities that celebrate Palm Sunday without reading the Passion story. These, hence, struggle to make sense of the lectionary entry which does not provide a set of readings that justContinue Reading

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