Pope Benedict XVI is not the flavour of the month in some contexts. So if you are looking for an alternative for pope, might I suggest Pope Michael I:

“Pope Michael” Trailer from Pope Michael Documentary on Vimeo.

Pope Michael I

Pope Michael I

David Bawden was elected Pope Michael I in Kansas in 1990. According to him and his followers, Pope John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul I were all heretics. They could not therefore appoint Cardinals so by 1990, there was only one true cardinal left. He was a modernist so he couldn’t elect a Pope. Faithful Catholics were bound, under pain of mortal sin, for the good of the Church, to elect a Pope themselves. Catholics who subjected themselves to any of these false popes can’t vote. Traditionalists are not true Catholics and all their ordinations are invalid so they can’t vote. Therefore, six people met July 16, 1990 in Belvue, Kansas in the United States in a store owned by the Bawden family and legitimately elected him the Pope. This included himself and his parents, a Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hunt, and Teresa Stanfill-Benns, who had been the main motivator of the conclave. Pope Michael I is not ordained.

Teresa Stanfill-Benns has since withdrawn her support because laity cannot under any circumstance participate in the election of a pope, and a layman cannot be Pope. Pope Michael has condemned her work as heresy and she has been excommunicated.

A documentary is being produced about the pope.

More information from the Vatican in exile. And the now-archived site (click on the image to go further in).
Become a friend on the pope’s facebook page (position: pope).
This link is clearly the photo of an imposter.
ps. in his writings Pope Michael I justifies wearing a mitre without being a bishop, but I see no justification of his wearing a stole without being ordained?

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