Jesus the party person

You are welcome and encouraged to use the following educational unit please follow the requirements of this licence As I use this in my classes, please do not use this if any in your group or class is likely to go on to Christ's College.

Preparation or homework: Write about or tell of a significant party or meal. What made it significant?

Comparing parties and church services

Get the young people to list off what makes for a good party: food, drink, people, friends, a leader (host), special place, music, lighting,... Get them to find parallels to service: bread, wine, congregation, priest, church, hymns, candles,...

Jesus the party person

Jesus was at parties and meals

Jesus talks about parties and meals

Many people thought Jesus had the "wrong" type of people at these parties and meals

Jesus is remembered in a party/meal

The young people could find Bible references and stories for each of these four subheadings. Pairs might work through a gospel each (a version with headings over each story helps). There can be age-appropriate variants - some might be able to come to these four subheadings themselves with discussion and encouragement: "Let's talk about Jesus and parties and meals..."

The fourth point leads into discussion about remembering and presence...

The above can be two separate sessions and lead into education on the Passover.... A white board, posters, pictures, power-point, movie clips can be used creatively within this framework...
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