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This page introduces some different types of spirituality

Different types of spiritualities

For Thomas Merton, possibly the greatest spiritual writer of the twentieth century, the goal of our spiritual journey is to become our "true self" - that self that each of us is in God and which each one of us is called to live out in our life. There are a number of different Christian “spiritualities” which might fit with our different (true) individual personalities. Various systems have been devised to classify personalities including the Enneagram and Jung - Myers-Briggs typology . In the tradition of “pray as you can not as you can’t” some have suggested different spiritualities are more appropriate for different “personality types”.

Ignatian Spirituality SJ (some will get the joke) sensing-judging (in the Myers-Briggs typology) – prefer systematic, imagining oneself back in the biblical story

Augustinian Spirituality NF intuitive-feeling sees the scriptures addressed to me now in this context

Franciscan Spirituality SP sensing-perceiving free, unconfined, spontaneous, affective prayer

Thomistic Spirituality NT intuitive-thinking discursive intellectual reflection

Some will not disagree with the concept of preferred spiritualities with differing personality types, but may dispute which one appropriately goes with which type.

Of greater significance is that the Benedictine tradition of reading the bible slowly and prayerfully (lectio divina), and of silent, contemplative prayer are understood to be available as appropriate paths for all. The spirituality information provided by this site primarily directs to these prayer styles, as well as encouraging well-roundedness through a liturgical life and a life of service.
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