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December 2021

Matrix Resurrections (with spoilers)

Our culture’s blue-pill, wellbeing-happiness “reality” needed a happier ending. The boy gets the girl. They weren’t really dead. And women can fly just as well as men. Nothing of substance has been added – Resurrections simply undoes the tragedy of Reloaded and Revolutions to essentially bring us back to where we were at the end of The Matrix.

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Christmas 2

Textweek resources: Christmas 2; Epiphany • collect/opening prayer reflection 2nd Sunday after Christmas For Epiphany, once again Episcopalians (Anglicans) and Roman Catholics will pray the same prayer. Deus, qui hodierna die Unigenitum tuum gentibus stella duce revelasti: concede propitius; ut, qui jam te ex fide cognovimus, usque ad contemplandam speciem tuae celsitudinis perducamur. Per eumdem Dominum nostrum Jesum

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