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April 2013

Eucharist being live-streamed

Live streaming worship

I recently, on this site, expressed my irritation at the short-sightedness of the Church of England in providing poor-quality live-streaming of the enthroning of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and not making the video recording available on the web (cf. the Vatican). They appeared to forget that a third to a half of the planet would

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Katharine Welby


Katharine Welby has just blogged about her depression. It received media coverage and online comment. I appreciate it so much that she speaks of “hopeful depression”. That she has humour with depression… I’ve been following her on twitter for some time now. Her profile has increased since her dad became the Archbishop of Canterbury recently.

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Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil?

One can never be sure just what you will encounter for worship as you visit around the Anglican Church of Or. The Easter Vigil for me is (& should be?) the peak of the Church Year, its crown. “The high point of Holy Week celebrations is known as the Great Vigil of Easter, for it

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Offering Thanks

My History of Eucharistic Prayers

I am delighted to announce the online version of my research on the development of Eucharistic Prayers – from the prayer at formal meals (such as the Last Supper) to the fourth and fifth centuries (with particular reference to Antiochene and Alexandrian Rites). Until now this was only available through libraries or from me. This

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