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Rev Bosco PetersThis site is run by: Rev. Bosco Peters B.Theol (Hons) Melbourne College of Divinity, B. Sc. Canterbury, Dip.Tchg. Christchurch

Author of:
Celebrating Eucharist, DEFT, 1995
The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand 1814-1989, (Joint Liturgical Study, Alcuin GROW #21, 1992) an abbreviation of my thesis;
and numerous articles in a variety of journals.

Former lecturer and examiner in Church, Ministry and Sacraments for L.Th. at College House Institute of Theology, Christchurch, guest lecturer 2007 Bible College of New Zealand in theology and film.
Member of Societas Liturgica.
Associate of Kopua Cistercian Monastery with a long interest in spirituality.

As well as many years of worship leadership as a lay person, I have served as a priest in the Anglican Church in rural and urban parishes, and am Chaplain at Christ’s College, Canterbury (New Zealand), an Anglican secondary school for boys. I have been a member of many committees dealing with worship issues including the Tikanga Pakeha Liturgical Working Group, General Synod, and Diocesan Standing Committee. I have travelled extensively, experiencing worship as diverse as in a hermitage in the Sahara, with thousands of young people at Taizé, on a boat on the Congo River, in Orthodox monasteries on Mount Athos, dancing at St Gregory of Nyssa Episcopalian Church in California, a Latin Mass in China, in a Christian Ashram in India, with Old Catholics in Utrecht, with missionary partners in South America, and on St Francis Day in St John the Divine Cathedral New York (this included a procession of animals, the last being an elephant)

A vision towards the future

We need to work together to put worship and spirituality to the forefront of our life and thinking, as the foundation and goal of our Christian life. People are clamouring for spirituality, for a relationship with God. This relationship is nourished and expressed in worship, prayer, contemplative life and meditation, individually and in community. There can be a new paradigm, a new model. This affirms all that is good in worship that takes its cue from scholarly return to early-church sources as well as worship that takes its cue from our contemporary culture and environment. This website is part of taking seriously our Christian heritage and our current situation. It seeks to encourage worship that is vital, transforming, and faithful. May the Holy Spirit guide our venture.

Yours in Christ

Bosco Peters

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