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February 2019

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Liturgy – Work for the People

Popularly, people say (I’ve said it myself) that the word, “liturgy” (λειτουργία or λῃτουργία) derive from the Greek, “λαός” (Laos – people) and ἔργο (ergo – work) – so that liturgy, we say, means “work of the people”. But maybe liturgy is not “work of the people” but “work FOR the people”. Robert Hendrickson wrote

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Boring Worship is Good for You

Many people, in our digital-game-riddled, virtual-world-possibilities, social-media-soaked lives, are distracting ourselves to death. And this is, in many places, affecting worship. All the activities of daily and weekly living: doing laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, and so forth – do we have an expectation that they will constantly give us emotional highs? The purpose is clean

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Boring Worship is Good for You Read More »