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September 2011

The “New” Our Father

Two recent articles from New Zealand criticise different aspects of the new RC missal translation. NZ was the first country to introduce the new translation. In one article, a RC bishop is scathing in his critique (the bishop urges people to ignore some of the translation), the other regrets the loss of the ecumenical Lord’s

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designing a church building

Our diocese, with 24 church buildings not able to be used because of earthquake damage, is setting in motion a process to produce some design guidelines as well as strategically planning into our new and unanticipated future. As part of that there are three forums (two in Christchurch, one in Timaru) each to meet around

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Lift High the Cross

I’m very taken by this photograph of the crucifix being removed from the earthquake-damaged Roman Catholic cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Christchurch after the inner dome was taken out. One person described it as a modern Resurrection, or God the Father in an Earthquake Commission uniform. I see echoes of the drawing of the

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Jesus the All Black

This image of Christ the All Black is on display in Wellington’s Anglican cathedral. It is in the traditional Christian iconic style. The artist, Don Little, said he had painted the piece after wondering if rugby was the new religion in a country that had largely turned away from religious belief. “The word ‘icon’ is

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creative commons or copyright?

Last weekend (16-18 September 2011) was the 2011 creative commons global summit. I am far away from anything like having expertise in creative commons, but I am really taken by Mary St George’s comments suggesting that liturgical texts be made available using creative commons rather than copyright (see here and here). I support and advocate

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