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April 2018

About Anglicanism Sml

About Anglicanism

I recently spotted a letter to the editor (above) in our local newspaper, The Press. What struck me was that pretty much every suggestion for improvement of the Anglican Church is already a reality. The letter suggested that scriptures be read with an eye on the ancient context in which they were written – tick

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Holy Moly Sml

Holy Moly

I recently watched the above video at a service. It is, as you can see, from Holy Moly – I hope it whets your appetite to look out for more of them. Here are a few more: More information at SparkHouse If you appreciated this post, do remember to like the liturgy facebook page, use

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Creation of Adam Sml

Evolution and Christians

I often end up in conversations about evolution and Christianity. One person, recently, typified an intelligent response. “Yes,” this person said, “with difficulty – it is possible to reconcile the Biblical creation account with evolution.” The starting assumption is – there is a conflict. Those who are Christians and accept evolution either do not promote

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