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June 2009

The church & the internet

Two days ago I put up a post on whether or not we should have sacraments in and through the virtual world of the internet (click to read Virtual Eucharist). Seldom have I seen such strong interest in a particular issue on my site. About 200 people an hour are reading this article – over

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Facebook Liturgy page

Those on Facebook will be aware that Facebook recently joined other social networking sites in people being able to choose their own username rather than the previous system where Facebook just gave an URL with a random series of numbers and letters. I am delighted that yesterday I was able to get the following username

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Virtual Eucharist?

Can sacraments work in the virtual world? The Revd Professor Paul S. Fiddes, a Baptist minister and Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Oxford and Director of Research, Regent’s Park College, has just written a short paper arguing in favour of celebrating Eucharist in the virtual world. Mark Brown, an Anglican priest and

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Choosing a church

A follow up to What is a Christian? The post “What is a Christian” got a huge response, in public comments, on the Facebook page, as well as in emailed observations. I undertook I would produce this follow-up post. I certainly do not regard this post as in any way a definitive response – not

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Sunday June 28

A reflection for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time June 28 from the collect/opening prayer (NZPB) A reflection for the 3rd Sunday after Trinity June 28 from the collect/opening prayer – Common Worship (CofE) A reflection for today, the feast of St John the Baptist

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Liturgy as language (part 1)

Peter Carrell is an Anglican priest in New Zealand who usually has a very good grasp on what is happening within our province. He writes in an interesting post on Anglican Down Under that he cannot think of a single congregation that follows our official liturgy that is either growing, or thriving with a good

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