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Month: February 2014

Darwin Fish

Evolution – The Elephant in the Empty Nave

Recently I was at a show where “Christian” was synonymous with “someone-who-believes-the-universe-is-thousands-not-billions-of-years-old”. At a dinner party, when someone found out I am a Christian, I was identified with the Flat Earth Society, and it was assumed I was anti-evolution, and anti-science. Somehow the well-financed, American-style, fundamentalist, creationist approach to the Bible and to science and

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Jesus' Baptism

Baptism Expels Us

I always appreciate people who present a familiar image in a creatively different way – turning our usual ways of viewing things inside-out, upside-down. In the recent so-called Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (I say “so-called”, because we Christians are not even united enough to agree on the same week to pray for unity!)

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