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November 2017

Gospels Sml

Year B

Following yesterday’s post, and the helpful comment, I thought (in the digital practice of “Throwback Thursday” but for Year B rather than C) to adapt a previous blog post. The church’s new year begins on Advent Sunday, December 3. In the three year lectionary, the focus is on St Mark’s Gospel. In your community, and

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Lectionary 2018 Sml

New Zealand Lectionary 2018

You will find New Zealand’s Lectionary Te Maramataka 2018 PDF online (1.58 MB – click link to download). Page numbers of the printed booklet are identical to the online version. This post is just a collection of comments from a quick first glance. There is much in a publication such as this that is good

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Daily Office Sml

Simplify Daily Prayer

I am passionate about Daily Prayer – using the Bible, particularly the Psalms, as a disciplined way of praying. If the Eucharist is the jewel in the crown – then Daily Prayer is its setting. From a scholarly point of view, there is the ‘cathedral’ tradition – a people’s office (another name for Daily Prayer),

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Gospel Candle Sml

Candle Questions

The questions in this post are not rhetorical. And, yes, for those who think that liturgy and the study of liturgy is akin to stamp collecting or cigar-band collecting, this post can be another piece of evidence about liturgy’s esoteric irrelevance. It doesn’t hurt to have the occasional lighter (see what I did there!) post

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