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January 2022

Ordinary 4 2022

Textweek Girardian reflection on the lectionary Resourcing Preaching Down Under The Anglican Church of Or also has this as the 4th Sunday OF Epiphany, OR the 4th Sunday of THE Epiphany, OR THE PRESENTATION OF JESUS IN THE TEMPLE/(Candlemas) Te Tapaenga o te Karaiti i te Temepara/Na Vakacabori i Jisu, e na Vale ni Soro

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Please Take One?

I was in a cafe and in a corner with the other local resources and brochures was a box with “Please Take One” on it. In the box were prayers on cards – taken from A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Miginare o Aotearoa’. Nothing pushy – there was the Anglican Cross; a sort

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