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Wordle as Evangelism

I had fun making a Wordle sentence for the Baptism of the Lord

Wordle is taking the world by storm. I have done it every day since I found out about it. [Everyone is seeking the same 5-letter word, getting 6 attempts to do so; there’s only one possible game a day. Each attempt, you get told if you have a correct letter in the correct place; and each correct letter, but in the wrong place.]

When I meet someone who might be interested in this game, I tell them about it. Enthusiastically. The feedback I normally get back is joy that I told them about this. All this reminds me of healthy evangelism.

Unhealthy evangelism is pushy, attempting to generate a need that the other person doesn’t perceive, and so forth – you know the type.

Healthy evangelism is enthusiastically sharing, by whatever means, this reality that enriches my life. My experience with sharing about Wordle is like the quote, usually attributed to Bishop D.T. Niles, that Christianity/evangelism is one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread…

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