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May 2013

the gods we trust

I believe in God

I believe in God. Don’t tell me you don’t. This isn’t about belief in the sense of “I think this is correct”, where “I believe” is taken as a synonym for “I think that”. This isn’t like “I believe that Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark”. That makes no real difference in my life. It’s

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the Pope and heaven

Pope Francis keeps being in the news. If it is not for an exorcism, it is for declaring that “Good Deeds, Not Belief In Christ, are Required For Salvation”. Actually, Pope Francis never said that – but why let the facts get in the way of a good story controversy. What about: “Pope Francis Says

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recipe to bake Eucharistic Bread

Baking Eucharistic Bread

Synchronicity. Last week I gave a talk at St Barnabas, Fendalton, the parish where, two decades ago, I served my title. As I walked into the gathering many mentioned my introduction of the roster to bake the Eucharistic bread there. And my recipe to do this. A fortnight ago we were talking on this site

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nonverbal communication

nonverbal communication on blogs

We all know about the debilitating disorders which mean that a person is unable to read, understand, and interpret the non-verbal cues provided in conversations. You, dear reader, are suffering from this disability right now! I call this Digital Discombobulation Disorder (DDD). [If you write a PhD or publish a book on this disorder, please

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Year of Faith

Apostles’ Creed

The Apostles’ Creed has 12 article – essentially 12 lines in it. There’s a lovely story: the 12 apostles are sitting around after Jesus has gone back to heaven after Jesus’ death and resurrection, and they are about to go and share and spread the good news. But of course there’s no gospels, no new

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Humpty Dumpty


I was urged recently by several people to watch a videoed debate between two ministers who both would use the word “Evangelical” of themselves (and others would use it of them). The topic of their heated disagreement is unimportant for this particular post. Suffice to say that the word “orthodox” was bandied about a lot

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