The Guidebook: The NRSV Student Bible If you are looking for a study-type Bible for teenagers this may be the one to buy.

There is no perfect translation of the Bible into English. But, all things considered, the NRSV is the best.

This edition of the Bible assumes intelligent contemporary scholarship. It also assumes that the Bible is there as a primary means to help us grow, individually and together, in our relationship with God.

There are section introductions (the Pentateuch, Wisdom and Poetry, etc.). There is an introduction to each book. Littered throughout the text are small “Study It!” articles providing background. “Pray It!” deepen your prayer life. “Connect It!” connect what you are reading to actual current people. “Live It!” help you apply the message to real situations. There are articles on  Lectio Divina and encouragement to memorise biblical passages. There are indices, a timeline, explanation of Biblical Festivals, a glossary, concordance, and maps with an index.

I cannot recommend this edition more enthusiastically. If there is to be a criticism, it is the absence of the apocrypha/deuterocanonical books, and what, to me, appears to be a slightly understated look.

Buy it.

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