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Celebrating Eucharist
A Short List of Further Resources

Howard E. Galley, The Ceremonies of the Eucharist, Cambridge, Mass: Cowley Publications, 1989. A guide to celebrating the Eucharist of The Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church, USA.

David Holeton et al., Let us Give Thanks, Toronto: The Hoskin Group, 1991. A presider’s manual for the Eucharist of The Book of Alternative Services of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Aidan Kavanagh, Elements of Rite, New York: Pueblo, 1990. A witty, perceptive book on liturgical style.

Michael Perham, Lively Sacrifice, London: SPCK, 1992. A book on celebrating the Eucharist in the Church of England.

Bosco Peters, The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand 1814-1989, Alcuin/GROW Liturgical Study 21, Bramcote Notts.: Grove Books, 1992. A 44 page reworking of a larger thesis.

Byron D. Stuhlman, Prayer Book Rubrics Expanded, New York: The Church Hymnal Corporation, 1987. A guide to celebrating the Eucharist of The Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church, USA.

The Three Year Series

Journals on worship, international and ecumenical Sunday School resources, other Prayer Books (be they Anglican, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, or Uniting Church) all provide suggestions and commentary for the Three Year Series. The list of helpful publications is seemingly endless. Here are some to whet the appetite.

Fred B. Craddock, et al., Preaching the New Common Lectionary, (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1984/5). An excellent nine volume commentary.

Robin Duckworth (ed.), This is the Word of the Lord, Oxford University Press, 1981. Three Volume. One of a number of such commentaries intended for general use and particularly helpful for those who read in church to understand the passage clearly and hence communicate it more effectively.

Reginald H. Fuller, Preaching the Lectionary, (Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 1984). This Anglican author provides a solid exegesis of each text, with concrete suggestions for homilies. One volume.

An Inclusive Language lectionary, The Cooperative Publication Association USA, 1985/88. A three volume edition of the texts of the set readings giving alternative suggestions for inclusive language.

Gerard MacGinty (ed.), Glenstal Bible Missal, Sydney: Collins, 1984. One of the Roman Catholic Sunday Prayer Books, this one includes not only all the readings and Collects printed in full, but every Sunday has an introduction, as has each reading. There are suggestions for prayer, many biblical crossreferences, and a devotional reflection.

Proclamation, Philadelphia: Fortress Press. An ongoing series of commentaries and homiletical applications by a variety of outstanding scholars. Every year there are eight new volumes.

Gail Ramshaw (ed.), Intercessions for the Christian People, New York: Pueblo Publishing Company, 1988. This has helpful models for the Prayers of the People for each of the Sundays and major feasts over the three years.

Denis Towner, Preachers Guide to the Australian Hymn Book, Sydney: Unichurch, 1983. This provides up to twelve hymn suggestions for each Sunday. The Hymn Book is almost the same as With One Voice.