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Month: February 2017

Lent sml

Resources for Lent 1

The above chart gives a good overview of the different ways of counting Lent and Easter. You are welcome (encouraged) to reproduce it – but please have the courtesy of acknowledgement and, if online, put a clickable link to this site. Collect for Lent 1 Let us pray (in silence) [to follow Christ more closely]

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True Lies?

We live in a world of “alternative facts”, a “post-truth” culture. No questions are silly. Every opinion is of equal value. There has been a clever sleight of hand: we have turned valuing every person whatever their opinion into valuing every opinion. People, in this new world, don’t do wrong, certainly they don’t sin –

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Prayers & Squares

I have already reflected on a Eucharist at St Andrew’s, Plimmerton, and there is another part of that service I want to reflect on. After receiving communion, most persons of the congregation stopped by a nearby quilt hanging vertically. Each of these persons tied a knot in one of the threads protruding from it, stopping

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