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Merton & Mindfulness

Merton & Dalai Lama
Thomas Merton and the Dalai Lama

If you are in Christchurch on Thursday, 16 March, do come and listen to Helen and me talk about Thomas Merton and Mindfulness, and discuss and ask questions, in the Chapman Room at Christ’s College (Rolleston Ave). The talk starts at 7:30pm followed by refreshments. You will be getting away about 9ish.

ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome. We hope to see you there.
Do let others know – let your friends and church community know; advertise it in your church and pew sheet.

In “Thomas Merton and Mindfulness”, we are looking at the most influential spiritual writer of the 20th Century and his connection with the popular movement towards mindfulness.

We are both trained teachers and both hold degrees in Theology. We have a long-time interest in Thomas Merton, one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century (and the son of a Christ’s College Old Boy). We also have a wealth of experience around the spiritual journey, and are passionate about nurturing the hunger for spirituality that is evidenced in the popular Mindfulness Movement. We are enthusiastic about bringing to light much in the Western, Christian tradition that has been overlooked – practices that can enhance living Mindfully.

This is one of the events of the Centre for Ethics and Spirituality.

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2 thoughts on “Merton & Mindfulness”

  1. Geoffrey Thomas Colvin

    Good morning Bosco: I was delighted to come across this post this am as I was searching the web for articles etc on Thomas Merton and Mindfulness. I wonder for you have written up your talk on this topic and if so how I may access it if at all possible.
    With thanks
    Geoff Colvin

    1. Thanks, Geoffrey – I have not written up this talk neatly; but I may consider doing that in future. Blessings.

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