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Another Lifestyle Option


I have previously suggested that the community that gathers around this site could purchase a home (see here; also here). Don’t ask me how (because I seriously cannot remember) but I recently stumbled upon a monastery for sale.

It is on the site of a hermitage dating back to the fifth century. But now with a swimming pool!

Do look through the photos.

Oh, I see now that it has a price: EUR 5,500,000!
I’m sure we can sort that with a givealittle page (or other crowd-funding website).

This company, in fact, has a number of monasteries for sale. In fact, they say, “If you have not found the monastery that you were looking for, please register to our NEWSLETTER and we will contact you as soon as a property suitable to your requirements comes up for sale.”

I hadn’t realised how big a market this was until I put “monastery for sale” into Google!

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4 thoughts on “Another Lifestyle Option”

  1. Excellent. I assume the furnishings come with it. It does seem to be in earthquake territory; would insurance be extra-expensive?

  2. I’d love to win lotto one day so I can build a retreat centre. Buying a monastery would achieve the same goal. Of course you’d be most welcome to visit, Bosco, should that day ever arrive. (Currently lower than normal odds since I very rarely buy a ticket).

    1. We need such a retreat centre in the South Island, Claudia – so I hope you win lotto – buying a monastery in Italy isn’t going to fulfil the NZ need. Blessings.

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