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Chapel Apartments

Chapel Apartments

Chapel Apartments

I was recently in Dunedin and spotted the above church building. As you know, I like to pop into church buildings. This one is right in the centre of the city. Imagine my surprise when I found apartments built right inside this old church building (see image below).

In fact this is the oldest church building in Dunedin (1863). Read more about the Chapel Apartments here. I have previously tried to collect money from you all to purchase this. It didn’t get far! So, I’m not going to try that again…

Construct your own parable about declining church attendance, etc…

Chapel Apartments2

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7 thoughts on “Chapel Apartments”

  1. Sandy Robertson

    I had to laugh at this Bosco in the light of the conversations we had at the Anglican Schools’ Conference. Up here in Auckland we are raising 12 million dollars so we can build a chapel onto our cathedral that will no doubt make a very nice apartment in the not too distant future unless we get our heads out of the sand and face the fact that there will be no other use for it…

  2. They call them apartments, but they are rented by the night, so I would call it a suites hotel.

    About $150 US per night with a 2 night minimum. Pricey!

  3. I have a rangeee of desirable properties you may be interested in in a numbeer of attractiive locations. Some, admittedly, a little bit earthquake prone, but all of them attrcctively priced.

  4. The Tasmanian one is eye-popping! Not sure that I’d want a reredos for a headboard. Something not right about Jesus and the Twelve peering down at one (let alone two) in bed.

  5. In the 1960’s two great minds wrote on liturgy a world apart. Paul Reeves in ‘Liturgy & Life’ and John Robinson in ‘Liturgy Coming to Life.’ They opened up, along with others, Liturgy for the life of the people. Robinson remined us the bread, like in the early church, was for eating in our domestic situations, and he kept sacred this bread by saying it was not to be “smeared with butter and marmalade.” I think they would be happy with this domestic ‘church building’ and when the (re)building of church buildings is the vogue we must ask the motivation. In the end how shall we be judged when Jesus enters our Temples, will he recognise the Table of our lives, or will he turn over the Tables and send out to the pavement where there is grinding of teeth. Better therefore to eat the bread within the reality of our lives.

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