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June 2014

Archbishop Justin Meets Pope Francis

This month, Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin met for the second time. Some are often over-optimistic – organic Christian unity can be made to look just around the corner. A long list of documents agree on everything from the eucharist, church, ministry, authority, salvation, ethics, and Mary. There is not one single area

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New Zealand Prayer Book

Leaving the Prayer Book

It is not unknown to go to worship in an Anglican Church in NZ and to find that barely a single response is drawn from A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa (ANZPBHKMA). And sometimes no responses or words whatsoever are drawn from our Prayer Book. And not only is this allowed

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Body of Christ

We Are The Body Of Christ

Principle 3: The church at prayer is Christ in his Body at prayer The third principle, above, comes from Celebrating the Eucharist by Patrick Malloy (The first principle is here, the second principle is here). In the liturgy, the church enters consciously and intentionally into the prayer that Christ offers ceaselessly before God. The liturgy,

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Bishop-elect Andrew Hedge

Andrew Hedge Bishop-Elect

Update 18 October 2014 Thoughts and prayers for Andrew Hedge, his family, and the Diocese of Waiapu as today he is ordained bishop, and installed as the 16th Bishop of Waiapu. You can light a candle in the online Chapel. I am delighted with the announcement that my friend Andrew Hedge has been elected as

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Pouhere Sunday

Te Pouhere Sunday

You know those exam questions that have a statement, and then just add, “Discuss”. This post could be thought of like that (I suppose all posts here could be thought of like that). The dynamic (I’m choosing that word on purpose) of the 3-year Revised Common Lectionary, of the Church Year, of the Bible actually,

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