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August 2012


Why common prayer 2?

We have, I hope, dealt with the misunderstanding that common prayer = inflexibility. Common prayer has at least two dimensions. A gathered community prays together – that is common prayer. A second dimension is that the community is bigger than the particular gathering. This post is not about common prayer in its descriptive sense (eg.

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Keep it simple

Cluttering liturgy is a common problem. We inherited a cluttered rite – and there is a human tendency to re-clutter as soon as clean lines and good flow are produced. Leaders add their favourite little prayers, and just another gesture, and just this other nice bit they saw so-and-so do; “may use” becomes “must use”…

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different marriage types?

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Anglican Diocese of Sydney will debate a new wedding liturgy at its forthcoming synod. In this rite the celebrant asks the bride “Will you honour and submit to him, as the church submits to Christ?” She then pledges “to love and submit” to her husband. This rite will

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Let us pray (in silence) [that what is good within us may flourish] pause God of power and might, source of all good, graft in our hearts the love of your name, and bind us more closely to you so that you nourish the goodness you sow in us and, by your watchful care, you

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Biblical Marriage

Biblical marriage – introduction

Since this site did a post on Biblical Marriage, The Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill was one of five private member’s bills drawn from the ballot in the New Zealand Parliament towards the end of July. This has increased the intensity of discussion about the nature of marriage in the Bible. Here’s some quotes

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Nashdom Chapel

Do this

From his 1945 book, The Shape of the Liturgy, by the English Anglican Benedictine monk, Dom Gregory Dix is writing about the action Christ had told his friends to do henceforth with the new meaning “for the anamnesis (remembering) of him”; (usually people quote the first paragraph here – it is, however, worth reading the

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God social media

Social Media and Church

A recent study, reported in the media here, says: The social media replaced the church as the place many Christchurch people went to for support after the region’s earthquakes, a University of Canterbury lecturer says. Ekant Veer, a senior lecturer in marketing, said Christchurch residents turned to the social media for help and information after

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