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September 2014

Videos of Note

Rebecca Wilson and Jim Naughton (of Canticle Communications, a strategic communications firm working with faith-based organizations and their friends) run a forum on using social media to create community for the Church Divinity School of the Pacific: Br Guy Consolmagno SJ, Jesuit brother and president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, discusses the idea of extraterrestrials

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Wood And Trees

The recent appointment by Pope Francis of Bishop Blase Cupich as the new archbishop of Chicago is encouraging a re-look at Bishop Blase’s approach to liturgy. “Of the four most politically potent posts in the American hierarchy — the archbishops of Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington — Chicago was the first to come open

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creed wordle

Highlighting The Creed

Some things on this site are about current news, and it is useful to have a blog format for that. But other things on this site are useful, hopefully, year in, year out. I am still learning how best to facilitate people finding this material. Certainly, the search box on the top right of this

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, made media waves when he acknowledged he has doubts. In the interview with Lucy Tegg (video above, start at 12:00 minutes in), he candidly says, “There are moments, sure, where you think ‘Is there a God? Where is God?’” When asked, “Do you ever doubt?”, he replies, “Yes. I

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Auckland Cathedral

Worship Space

Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral has just been reopened after being closed since the Day of Pentecost to remove a “bridge” and hanging lotus-flower-type-thing that dominated (read ‘blocked’) views from the Pacific-fale-style nave to the Gothic-Revival-influenced chancel. Here is the view as it was: Simple changes in layout, and architects starting from what is wanted/needed “on

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Climate Change March

Climate Change

Hundreds of thousands of people in more than 2,000 locations around the globe have marched worldwide. This is a campaign, ahead of the UN climate summit in New York next week, for curbs on carbon emissions. Many Christians are in a liturgical month, the Creation Season, in preparation for the Feast of St Francis of

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Election night

Learning From The Election

Much of New Zealand’s election on Saturday, and discussions around it, forms parables for the church. First the difference: anyone can examine detailed political statistics, drill down, and analyse them. But, although NZ Anglicanism keeps some localised statistics (diocese by diocese), it insists on keeping no national statistics. Saturday’s NZ election result was a surprise.

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Pope Francis Daily Mass

Follow the Roman Rite

Principle 6: When neither the rubrics nor the canons dictate what to do and reason does not provide a solution, the Roman Rite is a good place to start The sixth principle, above, comes from Celebrating the Eucharist by Patrick Malloy (The first principle is here, the second principle is here, the third principle is

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