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Highlighting The Creed

creed wordle

Some things on this site are about current news, and it is useful to have a blog format for that. But other things on this site are useful, hopefully, year in, year out. I am still learning how best to facilitate people finding this material. Certainly, the search box on the top right of this site works very well. Also, do have a look at the tabs at the top of each page. One idea is to highlight, from time to time, previous posts in a current blog post. Recently I have been asked about material on the Creed(s). I produced a series of 32 posts on the Creed in a period covering about a year. There are ideas and springboards here for preaching, teaching, or discussion groups. Here are those posts:

The first is Apostles’ Creed.
The second is I believe in God.
The third is a source of the Apostles’ Creed.
The fourth is I believe in the Father.
The fifth is Handing over the Creed.
The sixth is I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son
The seventh is Don’t use the creed in worship
They eighth is Truly God truly human
The ninth is Conceived by the Holy Spirit
The tenth is Don’t use the creed in worship (part 2)
The eleventh is Born of the Virgin Mary
The twelfth is Don’t use the creed in worship (part 3)
The thirteenth is Crucified under Pontius Pilate
The fourteenth is crucified
The fifteenth is Holy Saturday
This sixteenth is He descended to the dead
The seventeenth is on the third day he rose again
The eighteenth is Seated at the right hand of the Father
The nineteenth is Judge the living and the dead
The twentieth is I believe in the Holy Spirit
The twenty-first is But Wait, There’s More!
The twenty-second is And the Son
The twenty-third is Filioque
The twenty-fourth is Two hands of God
The twenty-fifth is Don’t believe in the Church
The twenty-sixth is I believe one Church
The twenty-seventh is I believe in holy church
The twenty-eighth is I believe in catholic church
The twenty-ninth is I believe in apostolic church
The thirtieth is The Communion of Saints
The thirty-first is The Forgiveness of Sins
The thirty-second is Life Everlasting

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2 thoughts on “Highlighting The Creed”

  1. My confirmands this year wrote their own creeds and made word-clouds from it.
    Presented both during confirmation service.
    They loved it.

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