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May 2018

He Qi Emmaus Sml

Corpus Christi

Today is the Feast of Corpus Christi – the Celebration of the Body and Blood of Christ; a Day of Thanksgiving for Holy Communion. Here is the NZ Anglican official collect: Loving God, at the breaking of bread you are made known. In the Sacrament we are fed with the living bread; guide us to

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Jesus Mafa Children Sml


‘Defamiliarise’ is a word that has been echoing in my mind ever since I stumbled on its use recently in a book review. In the image of Christ the King, when a crown is made of thorns, Jesus and the Gospel subverts the concept of royalty. When Jesus reigns from a cross, Jesus and the

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Religious Education Sml

Religious Education

I was recently at a conference for religious educators. There were world-class presentations on social phenomena, ethical issues, scientific developments, religious change, and so forth. Presentations were by atheists, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Jews. There was discussion on everything from euthanasia, through refugees, to our understanding of happiness. [And I’ve just been to an ethics

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Bishop Michael Curry

Preaching at The Wedding

Fashion designers (and their supporting media), of course, want the focus of The Wedding to be on the dress. But, those watching The Wedding went from the dress to the preacher… and (I don’t think it is simply because I’m a priest) there continues to be a high focus on THAT sermon. And the preacher.

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Resources for Trinity Sunday

This week is the seventh week in Ordinary Time (Counting Time). Sunday, May 27, Trinity Sunday takes precedence and hence replaces the Sunday in the eighth week in Ordinary Time. Let us pray (in silence) [to God the source of all being, through the eternal Word, in the power of the Holy Spirit] pause Almighty

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Sharing a Cathedral?

What the heck: it’s the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – so I’m going to wade in where angels might fear to tread… angels, dreams, and visions are often in the same story, aren’t they?! This week, the new Roman Catholic Bishop of Christchurch indicated he is reconsidering whether to restore Christchurch’s earthquake-damaged Cathedral

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