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Hilarious Hanukkah Medley

Hanukkah חֲנֻכָּה חנוכה starts on the Hebrew calendar date of 25 Kislev, and lasts for eight days. The secular dates for 2011 are December 20-28, with the first candle of the menorah lit at nightfall of the 20th. This is the Hilarious Hanukkah Medley, an original medley by Luisa Tedoff Cohen. This live version of

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Christmas Midnight Mass outside

Censing the Southern Cross

On Friday there was another wave of big quakes in Christchurch – a 5.8, a 6.0 (the 6th and 4th biggest since the start of these quakes, September 4, 2010). They rumbled on through the night with 4s and a 5.1. There was liquefaction and flooding in the eastern suburbs. The Anglican bishop required all

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Christmas billboard of Mary St Matthew's in the City Auckland

Search for the historical Mary

The editorial of this week’s NZ Catholic begins, “Okay, so the sun rises in the east and St Matthew-in-the-City Anglican Church in Auckland puts out another controversial Christmas billboard.” (image of the billboard is above) Is the billboard really that shocking? Or is it actually: the sun rises in the east and whatever St Matthew-in-the-City

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