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Christmas Service Outline

A possible structure for the Gathering of the Community:

1. Hymn in procession


2. Suggested greeting:

[In the name of God:
Creator, Redeemer, and Giver of life. Amen.
or In the name of God:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Or in New Zealand: I runga I te Ingoa o te Atua,te Matua, te Tama me te Wairua Tapu. Amine.]

Grace and peace to you from God.
God fill you with truth and joy.

3. “Glory to God in the highest”


Christmas introduction:
Between the greeting and the singing of “Glory to God in the highest” the presider may introduce the Christmas celebration, or there might be penitence (see below), or there could be a short litany of praise such as this

Appropriate Songs of Praise

To highlight the note of Christmas celebration, it may be desirable to omit penitential elements in the Gathering of the Community. Alternatively, this might replace a Prayer Book confession (for example, with all remaining standing after the greeting).

4. Collect of the Day

Let us pray (bidding)
Collect proclaimed by the presider.
(The presider uses only one collect)





Suggested response for the Prayers of the People:

God of love
grant our prayer.

An example of Prayers of the People for Christmas

Variation/Addition to the Great Thanksgiving: Christmas.

Alternative Great Thanksgiving / Eucharistic Prayers

Eucharistic Prayer 1 from Celebrating Eucharist
This prayer is a new composition which was written to provide some complementary images.

Eucharistic Prayer 2 from Celebrating Eucharist
Eucharistic Prayers are often criticised for their repetitiveness. This prayer was written, in part, as an attempt to avoid this.

Eucharistic Prayer 3 from Celebrating Eucharist
This prayer is modeled on one found in the Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus (early third century). This ancient eucharistic prayer is used widely as a basis for many modern eucharistic prayers in different denominations.

Eucharistic Prayer 4 from Celebrating Eucharist
This prayer is based on an ecumenical prayer with its source in the liturgy of St. Basil.

Eucharistic Prayer 1 from Enriching our Worship

Eucharistic Prayer 2 from Enriching our Worship
Has a strong focus on creation

Eucharistic Prayer 3 from Enriching our Worship
Also has a strong focus on creation

Alternative introduction to the Lord’s Prayer:

God is with us, and so we pray

An example of an Christmas Prayer after Communion:

Infinite, intimate God,
in this Eucharist we have celebrated your presence with us.
May we grow in the divine life of Christ
who humbly shared our human life.
Fill us with joy
and send us out to share this good news with others.
We ask this through Jesus Christ Emmanuel.

Santa & Jesus gift exchange

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