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Alternative Great Thanksgiving for use with Children A

God is here.
We praise God together.

Let us say thank you to God
who has done so much for us.

God, you made us, and the world and everything in it.
All the good we see comes from you.
You have always loved us
but people have not always loved you.
You sent Jesus to show us how to live
and to bring us back to you again.

Amen. We are alive in Jesus.

He died for us on the cross
so that through your Spirit
we can all be your people.
And so with thanks we praise you.

Amen. We are alive in Jesus.

We are here because on the night before he died
Jesus shared a meal with his friends.
There he took some bread
and gave thanks to you, God.
He broke it into pieces, and gave it to them.
“This is my body,” he said.
“Do this, and know that I am with you.”

Amen. We are alive in Jesus.

Later, he took a cup of wine and gave thanks to you.
He shared it with them, and said
“This is my blood, which brings new life.
Do this, and know that I am with you.”

Amen. We are alive in Jesus.

And so, remembering Jesus, who died,
was raised to new life by you,
and is alive forever,
we are glad to share that life and live in him.

Amen. We are alive in Jesus.

Send your Holy Spirit
so that this bread and wine
can be for us the body and blood of Jesus,
and through this food
give us strength to live as your people.

Amen. We are alive in Jesus.

Help us care for your world and for each other
in the way that Jesus showed us.
Until he comes again,
with all your people
in every time and every land
we worship you and say:

We praise you.
We thank you.
We bless you.

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