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July 2017

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Rubrics and Grammar 4

Someone recently told me about “different approaches to law”. I asked him to write it down, this is what he wrote: Sir David Tweedie, Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Association, said there were different cultural approaches to laws: The British Approach, where everything is permitted unless it is prohibited. The German Approach, where everything

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Videos of Note

Wow! This, it seems, is the fiftieth posting of videos of note! If you know of any videos we could benefit from watching – do post those in the comments also. If you appreciated this post, do remember to like the liturgy facebook page, use the RSS feed, and sign up for a not-very-often email,

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House Church Sml

House Church

From time to time, I have put up articles about church buildings or even whole monasteries that have been turned into dwellings (see here, here, and here). I have even stayed in one of these. Here are some photos of one recently in the news. The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Harrogate, UK, built in

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What to Wear? Part 2

You may not believe, dear reader, that the core content of this post was planned well before the Church of England gained publicity for, at the meeting of its General Synod, debating what clergy are to wear at services. I wasn’t even aware this debate was coming! Prescience? Prophecy? The 1559 Book of Common Prayer

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Jodie Whittaker Dr Who Sml

A Female Christ and Dr Who

Yesterday, I started the day by joining a discussion that interlocked The Doctor being regenerated as a woman, women priests, and the possibility that if the incarnation happened today this could be a female. Having made my comments, I soon discovered that I had inadvertently joined a discussion not of a hypothetical female incarnation of

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