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Non-religious Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is in. And in conversations about mindfulness, people are very quick to point to the scientific information. And if they talk about the history of practices at all, they normally refer to Hinduism and Buddhism. Many, many Westerners are very comfortable talking about their chakras, mantras, chi, the dantien, and so forth. Talk about Western, ...

Creation Season 2015

Saint Francis

In the month of September, and concluding on the feast of St Francis on October 4, many people focus on creation. This year the focus of Christians, and of people of goodwill, has been resourced by the encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si’. For Christians, creation is not merely an academic discussion about evolution or… Continue Reading

Preparing for the Camino

Walking the Roman Road

You can turn what follows, as with all about the Camino, into a metaphor for life as a pilgrimage. I also want to provide concrete assistance to those intending to undertake the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Prepare Language I think it is of real value to get as good as possible at Spanish -… Continue Reading

Tuesday = Sunday?

Sunday opening

The weekend is not what it used to be. Many people now work on Sunday. I worked in a pub in London which opened on Sundays, and the manager was good enough to understand that I went to the 8am Eucharist down the road. Many employees don’t have such a luxury. How sacrosanct is worship… Continue Reading

It’s Not Christian Mindfulness


  In discussions about mindfulness where I bring in the Christian traditions of deep prayer, contemplation, and meditation, I regularly receive responses akin to: “Yes, they are all aiming for the same thing.” And soon, the other person will proceed with what they see as the aim of both the Christian and their practice of… Continue Reading

Don’t Change Church’s Constitution


In the next few weeks some synods, in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, are reconsidering the request from General Synod Te Hinota Whanui to change our Church’s Constitution. The majority need to agree to the change for it to proceed. In the considerations about this last year, no diocesan synod voted… Continue Reading

Another Collect in Common

Salt and Light

Once again, Roman Catholics and Anglicans/Episcopalians share a common collect this coming Sunday (August 30). I am working on producing a full set of shared collects for the church year. My work so far can be found here: Book of Prayers in Common. My rendering for this coming Sunday and the week following is: Let… Continue Reading

Rev. Bosco Peters

Welcome to this ecumenical website of resources and reflections on liturgy, spirituality, and worship for individuals and communities. It is run by Rev. Bosco Peters.

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