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Common Worship?

Common Worship

Peter Carrell from his sabbatical brought back some lectionary booklets and lent me the ones from the Church of England and the Anglican Church Province of South East Asia. [Thanks!] I scanned quickly in the CofE one looking for this time next year (above). Of course I anticipated there would be fewer options than we have ...

Anglican and Oriental Orthodox Ecumenism

Anglican - Oriental Orthodox International Commission

The agreement from a recent meeting of the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission (AOOIC), Christology – Agreed Statement by the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission, heals the centuries-old split between the Anglican churches within the family of Chalcedonian Churches and the non-Chalcedonian churches over the incarnation of Christ. I highly recommend that you read it. Both families… Continue Reading

Priest or Spy

Priest or Spy

I saw the movie Spectre recently. It had the fascinating exchange: Madeleine Swann: Why, given every other possible option, does a man choose the life of a paid assassin? James Bond: Well, it was that or the priesthood. Connections have been made with films before. Men in black – Protecting the Earth from the scum… Continue Reading

Salt Leaven Laughter Dancing

Salt Leaven Laughter Dancing

Salt Leaven Laughter Dancing

Gülmək gözəldir :)Posted by Bizim Yol on Monday, 19 October 2015 I have previously suggested a different model for evangelism: living in such a way that people cannot help but catch the enthusiasm and join in. Recent discussions on this site have encouraged me to re-stress that model. The above video illustrates the model. The… Continue Reading

Stir Up

Stir Up

We have yet another ancient, shared collect. I am working on producing a full set of shared collects for the church year. My work so far can be found here: Book of Prayers in Common. My rendering is: Let us pray (in silence) [that we may be prepared] pause Stir up, O Lord, … Continue Reading

End of the Anglican Church?

Empty Church

I have a Maths degree and I’m not afraid to use it. NZ’s Anglican Church does not collect statistics nationally. I will come back to a recent international study, but first want to pull from my shelves the diocesan statistics that I have for the 25 years being a member of synod as an ordained… Continue Reading

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