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Grow the Church – From Anecdote To Evidence

From Anecdote To Evidence

I have opinions about how to grow Christian communities: Real, authentic worship – where people come and find a community intent on a journey of growing into their relationship with God; where there is a sense of the numinous; where it is clear people really care about this; beyond recitations of page numbers, pious poetryContinue Reading

Move The Pews

Stay the same

I was with a group of clergy recently where I mentioned the idea of changing the configuration of seating for different seasons of the Church Year, for example: semicircle around the altar for one season; straight lines facing each other in “choir formation”, altar at one end, ambo/lectern at the other (or similar to thisContinue Reading

Muslims and Christians

Muslims and Christians

I have been to the Monastery of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai. It has one of the greatest libraries in the world. One of the most important documents in its collection is the famous “Achtiname of Muhammad,” a covenant between the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the monks of the monastery. It enjoins Muslim care ofContinue Reading

Conversation with Phillip Tovey

Phillip Tovey & Bosco Peters

I was delighted to meet Rev. Dr. Phillip Tovey and welcome him to my place for a meal. The conversation roved from India to Africa, the UK, USA, NZ, with much laughter and some deep reflection. We kept discovering bizarre connections – a monastic community we both knew, an important point we were both firmlyContinue Reading

What Say We Don’t Pass Bill 4/Statute 711?


Warning: If the worship life of Anglicanism (and, relatedly, our doctrine) in Aotearoa New Zealand interests you, read on. If it does not, go for a walk, talk to a friend, pray, have a coffee… [Updated 17 August 2014: I’ve just noticed in the schedule of motions for our diocesan synod that there is noContinue Reading

Let the Main Thing be the Main Thing


Principle 5: The essential elements should always be highlighted, not hidden or dwarfed. The fifth principle, above, comes from Celebrating the Eucharist by Patrick Malloy (The first principle is here, the second principle is here, the third principle is here, the fourth is here). The most important things on the Lord’s Table are the breadContinue Reading

Live Video Stream

Video Stream

When the Church of England in their General Synod passed that women could be ordained bishops , Kiwi priest Brian Dawson tweeted, “Welcome to the 20th century Church of England.” It was funny. I retweeted it. But people could watch that Church of England debate and the vote live. Meanwhile, however, our Kiwi Anglican ChurchContinue Reading

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