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Blessing Divorce and Marriage Equality


We have received a reply to my open letter to church leaders. Our church may be unique in formally disallowing marriage of divorcees whilst allowing blessing of committed same-sex couples. Read on. The topic in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia that engenders the most energy is (pick one): climate change and responsibly living ...



Two Sources of Authority There is an apologetics oversimplification which gives the (straw-man) impression that alongside the written words of the scriptures, the apostles verbally told the bishops they ordained supplementary material which each bishop has passed on verbally to the next bishops they ordained in an unbroken chain of oral tradition. This is obviously… Continue Reading

Getting 5 Million Views

Getting 5 Million Views

Baptism Meme

A brief conversation with a friend three weeks ago led to “I’ll make that as a meme”. A couple of minutes on canva.com and I’d produced the above image. I put it on the Liturgy facebook page. I don’t really tend to look back at such things, but, when I was joking with someone about… Continue Reading

Ecumenical Grail Psalter

The Ecumenical Grail Psalter Paperback by Conception Abbey The Grail Psalter was published in 1963 – the translation was an attempt to replicate some of the rhythms of Hebrew poetry (found in the Psalms) into the English translation. This was revised in 1983 to make the translation more inclusive horizontally (that is, with reference to… Continue Reading

Is The Bible Wrong?

Open Bible

From time to time I stumble upon Bible-aloners arguing between themselves about the Bible being inspired, and/or infallible, and/or inerrant, etc… And then about whether it is sola scriptura, or nuda scriptura,… And then about Schleiermacherian and Barthian and Bultmannian approaches to scripture… And Calvin… And Warfield… and Spurgeon… and Vos… And, once people have… Continue Reading

Saint of Darkness

Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta Paperback – by Mother Teresa (Author), Brian Kolodiejchuk (Editor) The publication of these letters of Mother Teresa led to surprise amongst some at the realisation that she spent nearly the last fifty years of her life without any sensation of God’s… Continue Reading

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