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June 2012

Ordination Justin Duckworth

Updated 4 July 2012 The Episcopal Ordination (Consecration) of Bishop-Elect Reverend Justin Duckworth and his Installation (Enthronement) as 11th Bishop of Wellington took place in the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, on Saturday 30 June 2012 at 1.30pm. It was streamed live on the internet. You can see recordings of the service here: Part 1 – the

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2012 General Synod

Everything from a revised Prayer Book, through marriage for gays, to the Anglican Covenant is being debated at the 60th General Synod/Te Hinota Whanui (GSTHW) of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia (ACANZP). The meeting will be held in Nadi, Fiji Islands, 6-13 July 2012. [That’s not even mentioning that the location

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virtual communion

twitter communion

Mark Howe on Ship of Fools wants people to experiment in online communion. Mark contends that those against this do so out of a “denial-and-emotion response”. I see online mission and ministry to be essential in the third millennium. This is a newly-discovered land in which so many people now live. The church is slow

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pope social media

dot liturgy

Supporters of this site might consider passing the hat around to buy the top-level domain “.liturgy”. The Vatican bought .catholic for $740,000! With an annual fee of $25,000. Some might hope that they can register their site using the .catholic domain. Well – no such luck. The domain will be limited to those with formal

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ordinand spiritual year

My friend, colleague, and fellow antipodean blogger, Rev Peter Carrell often describes what he would like to see happen if he were in charge. Now it’s my turn… I am concerned about the study, training, and formation of our clergy. [Particularly I’m concerned about liturgical study, training, and formation]. If I could have my way…

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cooking books

cooking is the new sport?

Who would have predicted, a few years ago, that cooking shows would be found so gripping by many?! That cooking competitions would be regarded as “Reality” TV?! I was recently in the capital, Wellington. There’s a shortage of bookshops in post-quake Christchurch so I naturally walked in to one of the largest bookshops in the

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Book of Common Prayer 1662

BCP praying Psalms

How often do you pray the psalms? How often would you pray through the entire psalter? All the psalms? Or do you leave out some psalms; some psalm verses? Do you find a psalm version that’s more helpful for prayer (individually, together) than your regular Bible translation that’s designed more for accuracy than for prayer?

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