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Month: January 2013

Don Bosco

Saint John Bosco

Giovanni Bosco lived in Turin, Italy. He was mostly known as Don (“Father”) Bosco. Today (31 January) is his feast day. I am honoured to bear his name. His feast day is celebrated at least by Roman Catholics and Anglicans (Church of England, The Episcopal Church, Celebrating Eucharist). Don Bosco was a priest in nineteenth

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which Bible?

So you say: “I believe everything in the Bible”. Which one? Which Bible? Does that include everything in 2 Esdras? What about Judith? Ummmm… Tobit? What about that book so popular in the early church: Ecclesiasticus (even called by a churchy name)? “Ummm…”, says Average Christian, “just a minute, let me look them up…” “Hey,

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it is a metaphor!

It’s a metaphor! (2)

I was delighted by the interest and discussions (on this site, on twitter, on facebook, on other sites) around my suggesting that the deacon proclaim, from time to time, “It is a metaphor!” I appreciated a lot the point that deacons essentially already do this. They declaim, “Wisdom! Attend!” – not: “Knowledge! Attend!” or: “Fact!

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a badge for your site

Many people like, from time to time, to add a badge to their website or blog. The HTML for adding the above badge to your blog or website is: Ordinary (“counting”) Time is a very common way of referring to where we are currently. We stop just before Lent, and (essentially) carry on counting where

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