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October 2009

Anglican Rite?

It is worth adding some further reflections to the Vatican’s recent announcement of Anglican Personal Ordinariates. You may wish to read my post the end of the Anglican Communion first. Firstly I want to highlight that, in my opinion, denominational boundaries are far far less significant than previously. Increasingly, it appears to me, denominational boundaries

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All Saints

Reflection All Saints – Halloween

The festival of All Saints, November 1, this year falls on Sunday. The “Eve” (all major festivals have an “Eve” – eg. Christmas Eve) of All Saints (otherwise known as All Hallows) is on Saturday. Hallows Eve is generally abbreviated to Halloween. Let us pray (in silence) [as we rejoice and keep festival in honour

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marriage and ordination

Does the order matter? In the Roman Catholic Church and in the Eastern Orthodox Church you can only get married before ordination. Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox can not get married after ordination. If the wife of a married Roman Catholic deacon dies, he cannot marry again. If the wife of an Anglican priest, re-ordained

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