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3 thoughts on “Lectio Divina”

  1. Thank you for posting this. Bit of history. Bit of instruction. I especially like the group Lectio he describes at the end. I’ve led group lectios, but without the repeated readings throughout; I think that would be quite helpful.

    1. Thanks Laura. When I’ve led group lectio it has usually been with three readings, sometimes different translations, regularly going around the group seeking a feeling reaction, an idea reaction, and a commitment to do something – all without comment. And then praying for the person eg. on your left silently at the end and during the week for the commitment to put the reading into action that s/he verbalised.

  2. Really neat presentation, packing it all into one small You Tube. I’d love to use it for my congregation to see–but we’re not quite that savvy yet. Working on it.

    I’ve used Lectio both alone and in a group, but I like the use of the Kyrie, etc., which is new to me. We’ll have to try it at St. Andrew’s. Thanks, Father Matthew.

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