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May 2019

Ascension Sml

Ascension Day

Some people snuff out the Easter Candle today, Ascension Day, concluding the Easter Season today. Don’t!!! The Easter Candle is lit through the Day of Pentecost. It is very meet, right, and our bounden duty to react to such silliness with wrath, rage, and other such responses… Easter is fifty days. Count them: 50. Get

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Peace Train Sml

Interfaith Biking

As the 200 cyclists gathered in Hagley Park [Christchurch, New Zealand] there was not a cloud in the sky. The inaugural Interfaith Memorial Bike Ride was organised on Sunday to bring people together after the tragic mosque shootings on March 15 and there was an air of excitement as we waited in the autumn sunshine. We met

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Young Franciscans Sml

A Year for a Young Person

There are new ways developing for a young person to explore faith, spirituality, justice, etc. This week on twitter “Anglican Religious” (each week a different group or individual tweets) is Young Franciscans (website here). What ways can you add (in the comments) that draw from the past and adapt it to our new, 21st Century,

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children church sml

Children in Church

I have long been passionate about having children in church. This is a Throwback-Thursday post that is certainly worth repeating. One of the chapters in my book Celebrating Eucharist is Chapter 18 – Children at the Eucharist. At a synod I attended, our church’s national youth adviser stood up and declared that our years of

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Sacrifice Part 4

First read:Accept This SacrificeSacrifice Part 1Sacrifice Part 2Sacrifice Part 3 The previous post on sacrifice looked at Paul’s use of the idea of sacrifice while the Jerusalem temple was still active – offering daily sacrifice. We can (too) easily read back post-Temple understanding of sacrifice into Paul’s language. To help us understand the effect on

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