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Month: March 2013

Holy Week in Two Minutes

The above excellent video obviously applies beyond the edges of Roman Catholicism. You may know some videos that present that wider context… Ps. a good e-friend with a Jewish background also reminded me how often we can exclude and be prejudiced in ways we may not be aware of… including in this Holy Week. •

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Pope Francis

new leaders

The shocked reaction, by some, to the above photo, is to assure people that it is photoshopped. You can, they tell us, notice by a crease on the pope’s leg, and by the shiny triangle… etc. etc. Yes, Pope Francis’ style is a bit different. The photo isn’t photoshopped. Here are two images for people

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Temple sculpture

ritual required

Humans have a thirst for symbols, a requirement for ritual, a longing for liturgy. Those who cannot acknowledge that will make no sense of the $60,000 sculpture project launched in Christchurch: A large $60,000 sculpture will be built over the next three months on a central Christchurch site left empty by the earthquakes, but it

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