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April 2010

presider never preaching

I have been developing a theology and practice here of ordained priesthood/presbyterate where presiding-preaching-pastoring are three intimately intertwined, irreducible dimensions. This post might be regarded as a fourth (in a trilogy) reflecting on: being ordained directly to the order to which God calls you using the symbolism of another order acting out the ministry of

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Today is brought to you … by the numbers fifty and twenty-five A couple of posts ago I wrote about the number 8. 8 = 7+1, so it is about abundance, fresh start, resurrection. 50 has similarities, it is 7×7 +1 49 is a sabbath of sabbaths – 50 is the start of a new

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Resources for Easter 5

See here for a commentary on the collect/opening prayer for this Sunday. The forty days of Lent are to prepare for the fifty days of Easter. Is that continuing to be your experience? How was your experience of Easter 4? Where I worshiped I was again delighted that the Easter Greeting was used (Alleluia! Christ

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Today is brought to you… by the number eight In Greek 8= η (Eta) In Hebrew 8= ח (Het) 8 = 7+1 ie. 8 is beginning again (as in the musical scale) a new beginning the eighth day is the beginning of a new week The ark has 8 people saved through the water (2

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The Lord’s Prayer in Elvish

The Quenya translation is by J.R.R. Tolkien (published in Vinyar Tengwar #43). Átaremma i ëa han ëa, na aire esselya, aranielya na tuluva, na care indómelya cemende tambe Erumande. Ámen anta síra ilaurëa massamma, ar ámen apsene úcaremmar sív’ emme apsenet tien i úcarer emmen. Álame tulya úsahtienna mal áme etelehta ulcullo. Násie. The Lord’s

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Immaculate Conception

The last NZ Catholic reports the Advertising Standards Complaints Board not upholding complaints about the offensiveness of the Christmas billboard of St Matthew’s in the City. I do not want to discuss the billboard here – there are plenty of other sites to do that. Nor the Easter billboard, which some regard as even more

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