Today is brought to you… by the number eight

In Greek 8= η (Eta)
In Hebrew 8= ח (Het)

8 = 7+1
ie. 8 is beginning again (as in the musical scale)
a new beginning
the eighth day is the beginning of a new week
The ark has 8 people saved through the water (2 Peter 2:5)
The Jewish male is circumcised on the eighth day
The Hebrew word for eight שְׁמוֹנֶה (Sh’moneh) is from a root meaning to make or to cover with fat – it is about superabundance.
In John, the Risen Jesus appears on the “eighth day” in John 20:26ff (poorly translated in NRSV, NIV, etc)
The Day of Pentecost is the eighth Sunday of the Easter Season.
It has been suggested that the English expression “Whitsunday” derives from the French huit (eight), Pentecost being le huitième dimanche, the eighth Sunday of Easter.
Octagonal (eight-sided) fonts are no accident. They occur from at least early in the fourth century and form one of the most common shapes for fonts and baptistries in Europe. This is not known in North Africa or the East. Octagonal fonts interpret baptism as resurrection with Christ, and new life in Christ (cf Rom 6:4b,9-11; Col 3:1)

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