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Month: January 2014

Jesus Coffee


Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick produced the following wonderful list of coffee heresies: Decaf is Docetic because it only appears to be coffee. Instant is Apollinarian because it’s had its soul removed and replaced. Frappuccinos are essentially a form of Monophysitism, having their coffee nature swallowed up in milkshake. Chicory is Arian, not truly coffee at all but a separate creation. Irish

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web on phone

Mobile web

Occasionally I glance at statistics of this site, and recently I spotted a change in the default way that google presents statistics. It now first gives what sort of devices are being used. I was fascinated that about half of people viewing this site are doing so using a mobile, tablet, or iPad. So I

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20 parish priorities for priests

I am tidying my personal library, and I opened Michael Hocking’s 1974 book, Handbook of Parish Work. Starting for clergy, but not stopping there, he presents his “‘Top Twenty’ list I drew up to help deacons to sort out which things are of most importance and which things of lesser importance.” He has Taking Services

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