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December 2014

Church building

How not to get First-Timers to Church

I recently stopped outside a prominent Anglican church building on a busy Christchurch road in one of our most highly-populated suburbs, replete with motels for visitors. There is NOTHING to indicate the building is not being used. The well-designed, highly-visible sign gives service times for the building in front of which it stands. The lawns

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Christ Actually

Christ Actually: The Son of God for the Secular Age by James Carroll Hardcover: 368 pages I have not yet read this book, so this is less of a review than an expression of my enthusiasm reading an extract on Huffingtonpost (read the full extract there). We need encouragement to move deeper into our incarnation

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Is I'll Ride With You true?

Is #illridewithyou true?

Hundreds of thousands of people joined the viral #illridewithyou expressing solidarity with peaceful people different (looking) from themselves. It even became a song of support at Martin Place, Sydney. Of course there were the naysayers, using the hashtag to promote prejudice. And then began the debates about whether the story that set the hashtag in

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Christmas 2014

We are in the final run-up to Christmas, signalled by the wonderful O Antiphons. O Antiphons Chants Reflections on the O Antiphons Another Reflection on the O Antiphons There are lots more resources and reflections if you put “O Antiphons” in this site’s search-box Resources and reflections: Christmas Christmas introduction Christmas penitence Christmas prayers Here

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