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September 2012

running to God

Let us pray (in silence) [that we may run to receive God’s gift of God’s divine life] pause O God, you declare your almighty power above all by showing mercy and compassion; grant us the fullness of your grace, that we, who are running to obtain your promises, may be partakers of your heavenly treasure;

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Ruby Sparks – film review

Go and see the movie Ruby Sparks; if you appreciate reflecting on movies, using them as sermon illustrations, etc, or if you just enjoy a good film. Calvin [heavy theological hint?!] Weir-Fields has writer’s block a decade after writing a block-buster at age 19. His therapist encourages him to write about someone who likes his

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creating postmodern people

The English curriculum is a clear instance of the approach under-girding the new New Zealand Curriculum: “In English, there are two strands: ‘making meaning’ and ‘creating meaning’.” Did you notice there is no strand “discovering meaning… understanding meaning…”? You can hear echoes of “The Death of the Author” approach. In “The Death of the Author”

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Gospel of Jesus' wife

was Jesus married?

On Tuesday, at an international meeting of Coptic scholars in Rome, Professor Karen L. King presented information about a 4cm by 8cm (1 1/2- by 3-inch) fragment of papyrus that in Coptic mentions Jesus’ wife. (Professor King holds USA’s oldest endowed chair, the Hollis professor of divinity at Harvard Divinity School). The fragment appears to

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