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Ruby Sparks – film review

Go and see the movie Ruby Sparks; if you appreciate reflecting on movies, using them as sermon illustrations, etc, or if you just enjoy a good film.

Calvin [heavy theological hint?!] Weir-Fields has writer’s block a decade after writing a block-buster at age 19. His therapist encourages him to write about someone who likes his dog. Calvin discovers Ruby Sparks (the person he writes about) in his kitchen; a real person he has written into being.

I am not going to spoil the story (and if you make comments below, that include more of the story, please warn readers here by preceding with “spoiler alert”).

It is not difficult to work out the echoes of the Pygmalion myth (and its derivatives, George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, My Fair Lady, Pretty Woman), Pinocchio, the movie Stranger than Fiction. There are reflections on love, freedom, projection; and ultimately, of course, we as creatures of God and our free love-relationship with our creator.

The film is directed by husband-and-wife team Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine). It is written by Zoe Kazan who plays Ruby. Zoe’s partner, Paul Dano, plays Calvin.

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