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May 2016

Infant Communion

Giving Holy Communion to Infants

Recent discussion about confirmation (and here and check the search box for more) has highlighted that many people are not aware of the majority historical practice of a united Christian initiation: baptism-christmation/confirmation-communion. Receiving communion, then, is clearly the repeatable part of Christian initiation. Current practices separating baptism; confirmation; communion – or – baptism; communion; confirmation

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Collects of the Roman Missals

Collects of the Roman Missals: A Comparative Study of the Sundays in Proper Seasons before and after the Second Vatican Council (T&T Clark Studies in Fundamental Liturgy) by Lauren Pristas Any time spent on this website reveals my passion for the collect tradition and rendering that great tradition appropriate for our contemporary context. Over several

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Teaches Preaching

We, who preach, can learn from great public speakers. I regularly watch clips of Barack Obama – he, I think, is a great public speaker. He clearly draws on the great African-American preaching tradition. A friend recently sent me an article on What can Donald Trump teach us about preaching? Analysis of the way Donald

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