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Month: August 2018

Nelson Cathedral Sml

Nelson Diocese Impairs Fellowship

Two weeks ago, “The Nelson Anglican Diocese publically declare[d] itself to be in impaired fellowship with the province of the ACANZP”. Now the Standing Committee of the Nelson Diocese clarifies that motion: At its recent Synod the Diocese of Nelson voted overwhelmingly to remain in fellowship with the Anglican Province of Aotearoa, New Zealand and

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Lanfranc Sml

Berengar vs Lanfranc

As, on Sundays, for five weeks we are reflecting on John 6, this is a good time to re-look at the Eucharist. This post can be regarded as the fourth in a series. Read this first. Read this second. Read this third. Berengar of Tours (c. 999 – 6 January 1088) was taught by Fulbert

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