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August 2015

Sunday opening

Tuesday = Sunday?

The weekend is not what it used to be. Many people now work on Sunday. I worked in a pub in London which opened on Sundays, and the manager was good enough to understand that I went to the 8am Eucharist down the road. Many employees don’t have such a luxury. How sacrosanct is worship

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It’s Not Christian Mindfulness

  In discussions about mindfulness where I bring in the Christian traditions of deep prayer, contemplation, and meditation, I regularly receive responses akin to: “Yes, they are all aiming for the same thing.” And soon, the other person will proceed with what they see as the aim of both the Christian and their practice of

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Salt and Light

Another Collect in Common

Once again, Roman Catholics and Anglicans/Episcopalians share a common collect this coming Sunday (August 30). I am working on producing a full set of shared collects for the church year. My work so far can be found here: Book of Prayers in Common. My rendering for this coming Sunday and the week following is: Let

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Christian Reason

In an age in which “reason” is regularly contrasted with “religion” in our infotainment-driven media, it has been encouraging to find a couple of articles in the last week or so that firmly put reason with religious faith, not against it. My friend, Rev. Ron Hay (we trained together for the priesthood), has been in

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Brother Roger of Taize

Brother Roger of Taizé 10 Years On

Brother Roger Schütz founded the ecumenical monastery of Taizé in 1940. This year, then, marks 100 years since his birth (May 12, 1915), 75 years since the founding of the community, and, this week we have been remembering 10 years since Br Roger was murdered. Br Roger had a passion for justice, contemplation, reconciliation, and

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Six Ways to Santiago

The 2014 documentary, Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago, has just come to cinemas here. My understanding is that this is a not-for-profit documentary by Lydia Smith who walked the Camino in 2008. She managed to get people walking the Camino to be part of this film. The film has been edited down from

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