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January 2018

Christ in the Wilderness Sml

Resources for Ordinary 5

Let us pray (in silence) [that our hope in God may influence us daily] Pause Keep the household of your church, O God, [or Keep the whānau of…] safe in your tender compassion, so that we who entrust ourselves totally to your heavenly grace may always be defended by your protection; through Jesus Christ who

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Lex Photographi, Lex Orandi

Photography composition rules drive worship practice For an ordination to the priesthood, our NZ Prayer Book instructs assisting priests to, with the bishop, lay hands on the candidate. Instead of this, at least three Anglican bishops in New Zealand have the assisting priests lay hands on the bishop instead. The only explanation I have heard

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How Worship is Like Busking

It’s throwback-Thursday because in my city is the 25th year of the World Buskers Festival. Busking provides helpful reflection for worship – especially for worship leaders. Last year, I reflected on busking becoming more “established”. If that interests you, look back to that post. I recently attended a stage musical, and also a Shakespeare play

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Camino Sml


On his website, Bishop Kelvin Wright described being with his daughter for Christmas in a township with “playgrounds everywhere and four new primary schools, each with a roll of over 700 children, and an impressive new high school has just finished its first year.” In trying to see where they would go to church for

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First Disciples

Resources for Ordinary 2

Let us pray (in silence) [that God direct our lives in the way of peace] Pause Almighty and everliving God, [or God of revelation] you govern all things in heaven and earth; mercifully hear the prayers of your people, and guide the course of our days in your peace, through Jesus Christ, our Saviour who

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