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A hymn for the feast of St Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

Out of the night where hope had died,
to tomb once sealed, now gaping wide,
the Magdalene made haste, to mourn
and bring her spices through the dawn.

She gazed in disbelief and pain
where Jesus in his death had lain,
until the radiant angel said,
Seek not the living with the dead.

Soon trusting love cast out her fears;
she rose and brushed away her tears.
As first apostle, Mary ran
to tell God’s resurrection plan.

Jesus is risen! Mary cries,
Lift up your hearts and dry your eyes,
Jesus is risen–come and see–
and goes before to Galilee.

All glory be to God above,
for Mary’s apostolic love,
all praise to God whom we adore
for ever and for evermore. Amen.

From The Saint Helena Breviary, Church Publishing 2006
Matins of St Mary Magdalene
Tune 8888

A second hymn for the feast of St Mary Magdalene

7 thoughts on “A hymn for the feast of St Mary Magdalene”

  1. Hello.
    I attend the Cathedral El Buen Pastor, San Jose, Costa Rica. We have a regular Morning Prayer worship on Zoom. Regular attendance 10 to 20.
    September 7 and 14, the plan is to explore, All the Marys. I found the Betty Pulkringham version of Jesu Jesu on this site.
    Is there, available, a video of this hymn?

  2. Lucy Nanson [anchorite]

    Would you please let Ellen know there is no video made of that hymn I wrote back in 2003. My daughter who was studying at the Conservatory of Music in the Hague recorded a CD of her singing of it at the time but that is not available for publication.

    My hymn for Mary Magdalene [Jesu Jesu] was first sung in the Waikato Cathedral of St Peter when a copy of the icon you have above of her was hung in the Greater Sanctuary and was Blessed by ++David Moxon with a bevy of Bishops present.

  3. Thank you for making the words of this beautiful hymn available – we used this as our introit at St. John’s Anglican Church Soldier’s Hill (VIC, AUS) this morning to the tune Eisenach, as part of our celebration of St. Mary Magdalane.

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